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Naldehra – A beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh

Kalka shimla taxi service  provide professional and fast Kalka Naldera Taxi Services from kalka to Naldera. Whether you want to book a taxi to go to the airport, go to a social gathering, or take a long drive with your friends, Kalka shimla Taxi Services can assist you with your transportation needs to Kalka Naldera Taxi Services. We offer cars and taxis at affordable prices and we provide pickup and drop off at any location. You can contact us to book your transportation needs. KALKA NALDEHRA TAXI SERVICE. Kalka shimla taxi service is a professional and reasonably priced taxi service in the city. Whether you are visiting from out of town or from the surrounding neighborhoods, Kalka shimla taxi service is the way to go. With a variety of taxi services, ranging from a 16 person passenger van to a 4 person taxi sedan, We have a vehicle to fit your needs. For your convenience, we also has a late night vehicle that runs from 10pm-4am. With a professional and knowledgeable staff, Kalka Naldera Taxi Services knows how to get you there!

We are the leading Kalka Naldera Taxi Services providers in Kalka because of our full day outstation taxi services to Naldehera.

Naldehera – A small enchanting hill station in Himachal Pradesh.

Naldehra is a little hill station that has been built atop the large green hills in Himachal Pradesh. It is located at an altitude of 1,200 metres and also used as summer retreat for Indo-British officials. It is home to the apple orchards and away from the city chaos. They make traditional craft like jootis and other such things. Since it is a small hill station, you will find all the facilities like hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. here. Taxi is the best way to go there and kalka shimla taxi service provides you the best Kalka Naldera Taxi Services

Naldehra is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is barely 24 kilometers from Shimla. Naldehra attracts nature lovers and people interested in adventure. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind oneself in between all the gorgeous countryside. People come for it’s Golf Course and beautiful sunsets. The weather in the mountains of Naldehra is quite varied, with a pleasant summer and a cold winter. If you’re visiting, you’ll be able to experience all four seasons! Kalka Naldera Taxi Services provides you the best experience of your journey. We are well known in providing Kalka Naldera Taxi Services

Naldahra is well-known for its golf course, beautiful natural landscape and horse riding opportunities. Travelers also love to walk in the alluringly wooded slopes of Naldehra which are covered in blue pines and towering deodars trees. Apart from the Mahunag Temple, you may also want to visit other temples and hope around some local shops.

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Kalka Taxi Services is operated by Kalka Taxi Service Union. Our headquarters are situated near Kalka Bus Stand and also near Kalka Railway Station. You can hire all sorts of taxi, buses, bikes and tour packages from Kalka. Kalka to Himachal Pradesh taxi services are also available at affordable prices here. Special packages for Shimla, Naldehra, Narkanda, Chail and Kasauli are also available at affordable and economical prices. We also provide tour packages and hotel packages for travelers and couples.

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