Spiti Valley – Exquisite cold mountain desert

in the lap of the Great Himalaya Ranges in Himachal Pradesh

Spiti, sometimes known as Little Tibet, is located in Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayan Mountain range. Spiti is as isolated as it gets, only accessible during the summer. Surrounded by glaciers  and mountains , settlements perched on mountain crests, lovely old monasteries, extremely clear streams and rivers, prayer flags blowing in the wind, and monks in their robes, this lonely location evokes strong analogies to Tibet and leaves tourists enthralled.

Because the Spiti Valley between India and Tibet, the name Spiti means “Middle Land.” Spiti, which is sparsely populated, is an adventurer’s dream, with a variety of trekking trails to select from. All of these treks begin in Kaza (Spiti’s capital), where you will set up your base camp, and lead to numerous peaks with amazing views of the Himalayan Alps. From Dhankar Monastery to Dhankar Lake, a 1.5-kilometer hike along the Spiti River offers stunning views of the towns below. In the cold mountain air, the Dhankar Lake itself is a great place to kick back and relax.

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This mountain area in himachal pradesh is surrounded by the himalayas; it is known for its cold climate; and the natural beauty
Spiti Valley is situated in the West of Kinnaur district. It is one the most remote regions in India- which is bounded by elevation and can be reached by foot for anyone who desires to have an adventure. Situated at 12,500 ft above sea level, Spiti Valley is blessed with long dry summers, enjoying frost-free winters too. Spiti Valley invites tourists with its picturesque picture perfect panoramic views. The roads are usually surrounded with high mountains on either sides, making it difficult to cover anything less than 10 kilometres in a day. Spiti Valley is the perfect destination for the more adventurous tourists of India. If you want to hire taxi call us. We are best taxi service provider in region.

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Spiti Valley can be reached easily if you have enough time because it’s difficult to get up. People usually go to this valley when they are camping or on off days. You don’t have to leave much of comfort in this valley itself. Spiti valley has a great deal of wildlife like the Himalayan brown bear, ibex, snow leopard, etc. All kinds of different wild animals and birds reside in this area

Best Time To Go There

Every region of Spiti valley looks like a beautiful city. The best time for a visit to Spiti Valley is May to August. And the time for a hike is the best time for the people visiting Spiti Valley.

Spiti has extreme cold weather, which is around −40°C in the Spiti. The temperature is also cold even in the summers. There is no shade for the people who are traveling in summer and they have to be very careful at this place.

How to visit spiti valley

Kinnaur is approximately 3 hours drive from Manali, Leh and Srinagar. It is linked by good roads and well linked by State Transport Bus services. A majority of the tourists drive in a car to visit these amazing trekking routes for a more adventurous experience along with breathtaking views. We at Kalka Shimla Taxi services cabs believe in following all the traffic rules in order to ensure safety and for the same purpose we keep monitoring the speed of our vehicles at all the times, the moment any car crosses the predefined speed limit our call center gets a alarm and we have the technology to even immobilise the car if so required.

What to see and do

Spiti Valley, situated at 12,000 ft above sea level in India’s Himalayan kingdom of Himachal Pradesh, attracts many tourists each year. People come from far and near, to visit Spiti Valley, which is an amalgamation of forests, glaciers, lakes, small villages, temples and magnificent mountain passes.

• Spiti Lake, an enormous freshwater lake which is fed primarily by the melting snow in the mountains. The water in the lake is also a source of fish which is a prime diet for the villagers of Spiti Valley.

• Shanti Stupa which is also called Spiti Stupa, is a Buddhist Temple in Spiti Valley and it is a beautiful sight for the tourists. The beautiful panoramic views from the top of the stupa are the added bonus.

• Manali–Leh Highway, popularly known as LH, is the only road which connects the valley with the mainland.

Kinnaur Wildlife Sanctuary, about 200 kilometers off the Manali-Leh highway.

• Saser Kangri a beautiful valley where snow in winters makes it look like an ice palace.

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