The Ultimate Guide to Kalka-Shimla

The Best Time To Visit, How To Get There, What You Can See

Shimla is one the best destination for travel. It is famous for many things. You can find it is really beautiful and known as the queen of hill stations. You can reach to shimla by road or by train from Kalka. Kalka is also known for small toy train which runs from kallka railway station to shimla. It takes 4-5 hours to reach shimla. You can also start your journey by road. Kalka is the end destination of haryana before starting you journey in himachal for shimla. If you want to go kalka to shimla by road kalka shimla taxi service is  there for you to provide best services. Go to Shimla by road is the best way

What Is Shimla All About?

Kalka-Shimla is an ancient hill station and named as Shimla after Sir William Clark, a British officer in 1860. This was named after him and was developed as a seat of government in 1864. Shimla is the highest recorded place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Adventure Of Traveling To Shimla From Kalka In morning, it takes more than 3 hours to reach Shimla because of heavy fog in the winters and 2:30 hours in summers. you will see visibility gets clear and you can see beautiful view. You can see Kalka from above, surrounded by tea gardens. You can find tree full of snow and you will feel you are in the middle of Alps in winters. The Road From Kalka to Shimla is very clean. Kalka Shimla Taxi Service provide you the best services to go there.

How To Reach Shimla

You can reach shimla by train from kalka station in chandigarh by a train. This train takes 2-3 hours to reach kalka. The train will reach at 9:30pm in night and you have to stay in Kalka before getting down in shimla. You have to reach shimla before 10:30pm. From Chandigarh : You can reach shimla from Chandigarh station. You can also reach shimla by air. You can fly from Chandigarh. Shimla by flight takes 2-3 hours and you have to stay at shimla for about 2-3 days before starting back. If you want to enjoy Kalka, Shimla, Narkanda, Dalhousie and Dharamsala you have to go to haryana. This state is very beautiful for tourism. You can travel there with day and night tours. You can do this tour from Kalka and chandigarh.

You can also reach Shimla by road through taxi services. We provide kalka to shimla taxi service at affordable and reasonable rates. As compare to other taxi service provider our rates are very affordable. We provide best kalka to Shimla taxi services. The road from Salka to Shimla is really challenging and exciting. You can enjoy the road trip with us.  You can go to shimla by road anytime and enjoy its beauty.

What You Can See In Shimla

When you reach Shimla by road through kalka shimla taxi service you see many famous things there. Shimla is famous for many things, because of which a lot of people visit Himachal Pradesh. There are many places to visit in Himachal Pradesh that you must visit during your visit to the Himachal Pradesh. A lot of tourists comes to shimla and visit the popular places like the royal palaces, food courts, jewelry and pottery shops. You Can Visit Butterfly sanctuary which was established on 24th of December 1987 and named after the late Sir Shimalaji. During the summers, hundreds of butterflies fly from Yashwantrao Chavan centre in Shimla to some tropical meadows at Indira Cantonment and Pani Puri point, an important tourist attraction in the city. With kalka Shimla taxi service you can enjoy on all the points of attraction.

Road-tripping from Kalka to Shimla

From Kalka you can take train to Shimla or reach there by road. Kalka is the last city of Haryana. The best way to reach there train as well ad road. The road for Kalka to Shimla is really challenging. The Kalka railway station is famous for their toy train which also runs from there. The Kalka railway station is the beginning point. By road through kalka Shimla taxi service you can enjoy moment. You can spend every moment. You can explore it fully by road. There are many destinations on the way to see.


So now you are probably know the starting point of shimla. So what are you waiting for? You can start your journey from any place and spend the weekend enjoying the scenic beauty of shimla. Go to shimla anytime and enjoy its beauty. There are thousands of places and things you can see in shimla. You can spend every moment and you will be left with unforgettable memories.

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